Caring for Your Bikini

The swimwear that are in our offer is constructed with the finest fabrics and delicate trims. Many of the suits are similar to fine lingerie and must be cared for in the same manner.

After Every Use

All swimwear should be hand washed after every use. Never twist your swimsuit to dry. DO NOT USE WOOLITE or BLEACH.

Lay Flat to Dry

Always lay away from direct sunlight, fluorescent (bright) colors may fade when exposed to the sun. Never machine dry or dry clean. Be sure to lie flat or hang to dry.

Hand Wash

Your suit should be hand washed separately in cold water using very mild soap or specialty swimwear detergent. Never machine wash.


While ALL of the suits can be worn in pool or ocean water, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water. Sun tan lotions, spas, and chlorinated pools may cause damage to your suit due to the harsh chemicals. Due to the nature of the dye, bright colors may fade or bleed.


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